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Saving, Investing, and Personal Finance – An Introduction

Would you like learn how to become financially independent? It all starts with understanding your fate is up to you, that is why our company is named Individual Initiative., and our company signature saying is "Empower Yourself Through Individual Initiative". For anyone who would like to learn some basics, this is the start of a series of articles for those new to saving, investing, and personal finance. This will be an ongoing process. So, check back for updates.

In this series, I won't tell you what securities to invest in. Instead, I'll offer you information both from my own experience and from others who I've found helpful. My goal is to assist you, as one of many sources of information, to help you make decisions on your own. No one plan or approach can account for everyone's individual circumstance, or account for all of the unexpected events life throws at us. What works for you will be most likely be something you cobble together from many sources to tailor to your own circumstances.

If you're a beginner, you need to start with the basics just as you would with any new skill.

When you were a baby you learned to crawl, and then walk. It's built in. For other skills, like when your parents got you a bike, you have to learn. Someone had to show you how to work the pedals. Someone had to show you how to steer.

What was unsaid was that someone was only defining a limited set of parameters for a short time while you were learning. On the bike, you became able to go wherever you wanted for as far as your muscles would take you, basically the neighborhood.

No one told you then, that the same skills of eye coordination, steering, and braking you were learning then would make it possible to ride a motorcycle, or drive a car which would take you anywhere on the continent. No one told you that once you learned to drive a car, you'd be able to drive to a plane or boat which would take you anywhere on the planet.

You weren't stupid. You were ignorant of some skill.

A well-known guru, Dave Ramsey has said, "Ignorance is not bad. I am IGNORANT of how to do brain surgery, I am not STUPID. Stupid is lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity. Ignorant is uneducated. I am not stupid, I can learn brain surgery, but I am ignorant of how to perform brain surgery. And that's the key, where we are ignorant we can learn to perform."

That is what we are doing in this series. I'm utilizing a limited set of parameters, like the bike, to offer some basics to you. But it's important to never forget that there are many other approaches. The more you learn from varied sources the more you help yourself. Similar to going from bike, to car, to plane, at some point you can go anywhere.

You'll get ideas here you can mix and match from a number of sources. And if you stick with it, if you learn the tools of saving, investing, and personal finance, you'll find a way that works for you. The end result is more freedom for you, and more control over your own life.

It all starts with understanding your fate is up to you.


Individual Initiative is not an investment service. The information provided is intended to assist you by providing one of many sets of ideas about savings, investing, and personal finance. You should consult many resources to gather many ideas, then use only the ones that you believe will work best for your specific situation. This website contains a comment area. Comments made are those of the contributor and may not reflect the views of Individual Initiative. All investments include risk, including loss of principal. You should be certain you understand both the risks and benefits of any investment or investment strategy before investing.