Lago Vista Independent School District (LVISD)


Obviously, they were not listening, how did we get the LVPOA Board of Directors attention?

This is a description of just some of the emails to show what efforts we had to go through with our own POA that we pay good money for just to get their attention. We should not have had to go through all this and it still hasn't stopped, we're still fighting a park lease. The emails on this page are not evidentiary ones about the POA, these descriptions are included for context which helps understand why they wrote the evidentiary ones. The big take away item here is how we finally got their attention about Lagopalooza.

Late June, or first day or two of July, we heard the petition was going to be ignored. We had nothing to do with the petition except for signing. Everyone wondered, was there a next step? Several of us had the idea for a boycott/buycott. We weren't opposed to a boycott but we wanted to reward good behavior. Simultaneously, someone, we've never discovered who, started calling businesses about a boycott. The point is several groups had the same idea. Later, we realized our idea was really an old observation of Adam Smith's in Wealth Of Nations, 1776. Much later, some time after we'd put up our vote with your wallet always website, someone pointed out, it was described by President Ronald Regan as voting with your feet!

July 2, 2010, Keep LVPOA Private - Does anyone want to organize?This is our letter to the editor following a call from Mike Parke of the North Lake Travis Log.. Mike Parker called about the boycott which we'd just heard of ourselves. Our idea was rather than start with something big would a small protest work? It did generate interest in the mailing list. But the feedback we received was some people were too afraid to participate in a visible protest.

July 04, 2010 6:43 AM, several of us had an idea to give the LVPOA BODs, the COLV CC, and the Chamber of Commerce a chance to back down. They were the ones that started this. They could end it. We emailed them to tell them we were going to start floating the idea that people didn't have to shop at the places that abused them.

Finally, we had their attention! Wow! After weeks of everything people did being ignored, attention! On one level it makes sense, anyone knows dissatisfied people can go elsewhere with their money. But, honestly, it wasn't really us. The only reason we got a reaction is because a petition had gone in with many signatures, many people had called, many had written, and someone else had actually called places about a boycott. Our email was just the proverbial final straw that broke the camels back.