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Lago Vista Property Owners Association Email Index June 2010-April 2011

A lot of the information is outside the emails, either in meetings, or in links to the North Lake Travis Log. I've posted all that in the narratives. These are the unaltered email threads. The narratives post emails or snippets in order and link back to these emails. That way you can read the email in the context of whatever was going on outside email as well as able click it to see the original email here in it's original context. All of us are familiar with how email threads splinter off, and skip around, because people don't always pick the most recent one when responding. The narratives list everything in order. That way even when some email threads below skip around it's in order in the narrative.

When you're reading these, here or in the narratives, I hope you'll use your active thought processes to ask yourself some questions. Wouldn't an honest broker with no agenda simply answer questions? Are these logical responses to rational questions? Do the responses answer or obfuscate? Does it make sense that an event is considered too dangerous for members, while safe for the general public? Why would they say there's nothing more going on, and try to make it look like I was being foolish for asking about the park sale in the meeting November 11, 2010, in emails leading up to it, and in emails with the prior board? (3 of 5 prior directors are current directors, Nancy Oliver, Dave Freeman, and Jo Anne Molloy). Clearly, I was asking about anything dealing with the parks but they tried to say nothing was going on.

Then, as reported in the January 13, meeting minutes, just 2 month's later, they reported the COLV committee was making progress about a park lease. If this was on the level, why not explain it in November?

Why were Blaine Standiford, Nancy Oliver, and Dave Freeman so animate that it's over, over, over, when it clearly wasn't? Why is Blaine Standiford saying one thing in the Board meetings and another on his facebook page and to people in person outside the board meetings? Why is it that now that the lease is in the open, why won't Blaine Standiford, Nancy Oliver, Dave Freeman, or Karen Wallace answer simple questions about it?

Why will the Lago Vista Mayor Kruger meet in side meetings with the LVPOA but then refuse to meet in a joint public session? The mayor had attended a private meeting that failed, then shut down the LVPOA request for a Joint Public Parks meeting, on July 20, 2010. You can read where it was reported here. Now, as recently as the January 13, 2010 LVPOA BOD meeting minutes, he is involved in private meetings again. Look at the sequence. Private ok. Open NO. Private ok. Why?

And also, do these answers sound like an organization keeping it's paying members interests at the forefront? I didn't understand at first either, I did give them a break for the longest time, you can see that in the emails. If you listen to the tape of the November 11, 2010 LVPOA Board of Directors meeting, I defended them then, even as I was being attacked. It was not saintly in the slightest, at the time I simply thought they had hurt feelings. No more. Keep reading, it takes several email threads to see the pattern.

No one likes releasing emails. But, when one is faced with people who will say one thing in private, another in public, and who will deny what is written, or what they have said, what is one to do? Without evidence, it is ones word against another. This is a list of the email threads entered as evidence. This is not all of the emails, but there are enough of them to prove the points.


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