Frequently Asked Questions

Our purpose is to speak the truth and let the truth take us wherever it may lead. Most people respect that. We're shining a light on corruption. Most people respect that too.

I'd like to get updates, what is the best way to keep in contact?

The best way to get updates, and to keep in contact, is via or Twitter. To see our contact information for both services, click the Contact Us link under Site Navigation on the left of this page. With either service, we follow back, and by following our followers, we will listen to you as well.

What happened to the Individual Initiative email list?

Over time, we found Twitter to be more effective, and now we've found the same with Gab. People tend to be more comfortable with Twitter and Gab than any mailing lists, as seen by both Twitter's and Gab's growth, and as seen in our experience. Although it has been awhile and Twitter seems to be fading now, while Gab is taking off. Our email mailers have been discontinued, but the email list could be used on a contingency basis for existing subscribers, should a need arise. The email subscription list will never be shared; its sole purpose was always to allow those who would like to keep up to date to be emailed with updates.