Lago Vista Independent School District (LVISD)


I believe the 2011 CC Election was aborted by cowardly acts, and that our Mayor had cowardly acts regarding LVPOA park meetings

I originally sent part of this to the Letters to the Editor of the North Lake Travis Log. They did print it, but in the Log I was limited to the normal 400 word limit and I had more to say on this topic.

First full disclosure. The election part is about the election being aborted under odd circumstances and in a cowardly way, it is not about Ed Tidwell in specific. I do know him. I met him as a candidate where we discussed topics in a group setting. We've exchanged emails and spoken before and since. I learned I do not agree with him on everything, but we did agree on some key items, at least for this election cycle. Because I agreed with him on some key items important in this election cycle, I do know I would have put out a sign if he had one, and voted for him. I might have contributed time or money to his campaign, but we'll never know because I never had the chance to do so. If Ed ran and lost fairly, I would have been fine with it, that is what elections are for.

To me, this is not about Ed or even this election, it's a much bigger problem, in my view. We live in a beautiful resort area. All of us chose to live here. I could save myself a lot of trouble by moving. But, I love this place. I love the lake. I love the parks. I love my house and lots. I love to go walking, swimming, fishing, or riding my bike.

But, what I don't like is when elections are interfered with under what I think are legal but strange circumstances in a cowardly way. I don't think the City Council broke any laws. I do find it odd, and cowardly, that they would act while Ed is out of town, send Ed a note while he is unavailable, and then move very quickly to kill the election before Ed can get back. All this was over a minor mistake which Ed tried to correct as soon as he got back into town and saw their letter. Don't let them distract you with claims they didn't know he was out of town. I can see no reason for the rush, unless they did know he was out of town, but that is speculation, so let us return to facts. If they didn't know at the time, they factually did know after, as soon as Ed tried to fix the problem. Even after the City Council learned he had been unavailable, they did not rescind the decision. At that point, the City Council knew they had acted unfairly, even if they did not know before. So they told him about a problem, and he fixed it as soon as he knew about it. Why is the whole city punished exactly? Make no mistake - we were punished by not having the chance to choose our own Mayor. Our City Council appointed one instead.

I think Mayor Kruger is afraid to compete and I think he's afraid of public discourse. I also think he is not alone, so are some of our LVPOA Board of Directors. If you read the posts in the LVPOA section there are many examples already.

This has happened repeatedly, one or more involved with the City and our own POA Board trying to interfere with private ownership of the LVPOA parks. When one thing is prevented, another starts.

Each time, they say it is new and unrelated to the others, even when it is the same park and same people involved, including Mayor Randy Kruger. They can claim nothing was decided but why are there even any discussions at all.

To me, that's like a thief that gets caught inside your house holding a bag filled with your belongings claiming he wasn't trying to steal anything because he never made it back outside.

We can't enjoy our retirement without worrying that the City of Lago Vista City Council, especially Mayor Randy Kruger is attempting to make our privately owned parks public.

We were denied a free fair and open election.


I made some claims in my letter. I want to prove them here


This is my letter as it appeared in the North Lake Travis Log, March 31, 2011 posted below.

Ed Tidwell was competing with the mayor. I believe the Mayor and the COLV City Council knew Ed could get support. I believe the Mayor and the COLV City Council are afraid. I believe the Mayor and the COLV City Council had to act.

In my opinion, the Mayor and the COLV City Councils cowardly actions tell us they believed Ed could win. Otherwise they would have simply let Ed run. I believe they are cowards who have been unopposed for so long they fear, and thus had to stop, the competition.

If it was about the money which was a very minor amount, they would have discussed it with Ed. But, they didn't, instead they met while he was unreachable. How convenient.

The Mayor has a habit of holding these special sessions and secret/private meetings. It has been brought up publicly several times, both at LVPOA BOD candidate's night, and in the LVPOA BOD meeting November 11, 2010, that there had been a secret/private meeting between the Mayor and some on the LVPOA to sell a park. I have an email which confirms that secret/private meeting occurred time stamped prior to the emailed request for a joint public meeting.

Remember, how the Mayor acted recently about when the POA BOD requested joint public meetings about the selling LVPOA park? I quote from the July 20, 2010 NLTLOG "When Angelo asked for how the city should reply to the letter, Kruger said, "We aint going to do it. It's that simple."

That's after meeting in secret/private on the same topic But, now he is meeting again in secret/private in a COLV Committee meeting to lease one just like he was willing to meet with them in the secret/private meeting to sell one. Never stopped, just changed form.

Again, he has meetings out of the public eye. It was the same with the golf course, secret meetings on eminent domain rather than open public meetings.

I believe the Mayor and our COLV City Council has a fear of public discourse. Now I believe I see people cowering in fear of competition too. If not, prove it.

Brad Waite