About us

Individual Initiative had been a concept under consideration for a long time. Hi! I'm the founder, Brad Waite. I was able to retire at 40 about 11 years ago after a long career in IT. I was enjoying my retirement when a few years ago it appeared there were people working to destroy the way of life I'd moved here to enjoy. I was not alone in that assessment, then, or now. I don't mean to short-change them in this description, but this is the story of this site so we'll focus on it.

In the process of trying to work with others to fix several local and national items over the years, I found some common threads.

I'll not bore you with too many details except to say that Individual Initiative was created to provide a way to empower others as well as provide an outlet for me to address my concerns and make them public.

To make a long story short, we discover a lot of things through the grape vine because they are not covered in existing media, especially locally. Experience shows that many are willing to look at a website, even where they might not sign up for a mailing list, or call someone in person. I was not alone. A lot of the people who spoke to me over the years on various projects with common goals found it hard to get their message out. Sometimes we found out too late. Sometimes we got it right. Often information was lost. It occurred to me it would be far smarter to create a site that provides Opinions and News commentary to provide an ongoing opinions and news source as well as a long term information repository. That way we would not be starting from scratch each time, that way we could see a history so we were not doomed to repeat it, we could put all forms of documents on the website, etc. without being limited to what local media would cover.

Second, Individual Initiative is an attribute that works on several levels. I believe Individual Initiative is a core value for successful people. I believe that everything begins with one person taking Individual Initiative, even when it takes a group to complete the effort. I believe Individual Initiative is something which should be promoted, and celebrated; even though it is not always popular, perhaps especially since it is not always popular. And, of course, the site itself was my Individual Initiative towards making a contribution.

And so, now, we're here, Individual Initiative is here to help empower you.