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Would you like learn how to become financially independent? Are you tired of corruption or other nonsense in the Nation, the Lago Vista City Council, and LVPOA? To change anything, it all starts with understanding your fate is up to you, that is why this site is named Individual Initiative and why the signature saying is "Empower Yourself Through Individual Initiative". Recently, Individual Initiative began connecting on Gab.ai, as well as Twitter where we have been for some time. Many have joined us in one or both places. For Twitter: Click the Twitter follow icon on the top left, below the logo, and you can join us there too. Gab.ai is a newer service and until Gab creates, (or we find), a follow widget, you can find us on Gab.ai using this link Gab.ai/IndividualInitiative Hope to see you there!


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Individual Initiative Opinions and News speaks strongly and boldly when it is called for, softly and diplomatically when it isn't. In case you're one who worries about harsh rhetoric, we'd argue that calling an actual thief or coward by that label is merely a truthful description. But, if that's not convincing enough about tone, let's look at the election of 1800 in their own words as told by Reason.tv

About the local information: Here in Lago Vista, we have a small town where the City of Lago Vista City Council (COLV CC), and the Lago Vista Property Owners Association (LVPOA), have as much of a stake in our wallets, and in our local way of life as most would consider national issues to have. They should be held accountable by the current residents. Lago Vista real estate buyers or potential rentals now have another source of information to become aware of the local environment, not only of homes for sale or rentals via normal Lago Vista real estate channels, but also see how their home value and quality of life can be affected by these organizations.

Some on City of Lago Vista City Council (COLV CC), and some on the Lago Vista Property Owners Association (LV POA) board have been performing in a manner that more people should know about. It gets hostile sometimes. Several people have had others tell them they should move if we don't like it, or worse, when all we were doing was asking for them to respect our rights as paying members to use members only facilities that we pay for out of our own private dollars, in preference to the general public. Read the evidence for yourself. Lago Vista remains a wonderful area with a great deal of natural beauty, but some appear intent on destroying its charm. It's a place worth fighting for.